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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September Already?

People who read my letters:

I had a super awesome week! We have some awesome people we are working with still I'll update ya'll on them!


We were able to help Kathy connect with the Genealogy lady in our ward! They are going to be great friends! Kathy has been reading the Book of Mormon and reading about Joseph Smith. She is still extremely interested in our Faith. She took us out to Chinese Dinner last week and it was super fun, we taught her while eating good food :D

She Took us out again yesterday! It was even better! We ate at Outback and had some good steak! She shared with us a cool connection that she found, something about a 7 year cycle in Joseph Smith's life, and she saw that as a sign that he was a prophet, I was like, "Whatever floats your boat". But she seems to be really feeling the spirit as she learns more! She wears a Thunderbird Turquoise Necklace from the Navajo reservations every time she talks with us, she thinks it's cool that we have both been there, so she likes to wear the necklace when she's with us. It's really cool, it almost looks Egyptian, but i'll see if she'll let me take a picture!


Ed says he'll finish the book of Mormon by next week, he basically reads all day, which is good. He's a very independent guy and wants to figure it out on his own, which is good, he'll feel the spirit and hopefully he'll understand what he needs to do. 

We met another guy his name is Tim:

Tim lives near us and we went to his home 2 weeks ago and shared with him the restoration pamphlet. He then took it to his pastor that Sunday and asked his pastor about it: You can already see where that went, the pastor basically told him a bunch of lies about us and hated on us. But Tim told us he felt the spirit compelled him to pray about us, so he prayed, and while he was praying a voice told him to read in Romans 12: Where it says we are all brothers in the Faith, and he felt like he would keep meeting with us. So we shared with him the Book of Mormon, at first he rejected it and said he refused to read anything outside the bible, but then I compared the way the scribes refused to give Christ a chance (and then eventually took it to the extreme and Murdered Christ and his Apostles), and I told him how the world sometimes refuses to give Joseph Smith a chance and they reject him (and it eventually went to far and they Killed Joseph), Much like the scribes said, "We have the Law of Moses, we need no more than that", today they say, "We have the bible, we need no more!" But in reality Christ didn't destroy the law, he fulfilled it, I told Tim that the Book of Mormon doesn't destroy or discredit the Bible, it rather Fulfills it, the same way that Christ fulfilled the Law of Moses, Tim got really emotional and he asked us to pray with his family, we stood in a circle and Tim prayed and thanked God that we brought the spirit into his home, in the prayer he told God that he would read the book of Mormon and asked that God will reveal if it is true or not. It was an amazing experience! I was even a little emotional. But I am so excited for Tim, I hope his family continues to learn more and that the spirit will continue to lead them to the truth, they would be an amazing LDS family! 

There are many others who are doing great to, but those are just the highlights! Dan is doing good, we're just having a hard time finding a time to meet.
I really wish I had time to talk about all the investigators we have! They are all amazing people! I've noticed a huge difference in the type of people we are working with now, at first we worked with lazy people, but the people we are working with now are very energetic and excited to learn, and they keep their commitments! 


I love being on a mission! You can really see the Hand of the Lord!

Elder Dearden

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  1. Good Job Elder Dearden! You are an amazing missionary.