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Monday, September 22, 2014

New Adventure!

Friends and Family!

This past week has been an interesting adventure!

Elder Davis went home! I was super sad when he left, I love him so much, and he was such a great example to me! I feel honored though to have been trained by him!

My new companion is Elder Lumpkin, He is an amazing individual. He had cancer when he was 10 yrs old. The cancer left him with Scoliosis, a balance disorder, and other concerns. He is actually legally blind.

I was given driving privileges, now I drive a Ford Fusion, it's a nice car, and I like driving.

It has been a stressful week for me, I now am the senior companion and run the show here in Greenwood. I didn't realize how much Elder Davis actually did for me until now that he is gone! I will need your prayers, I want to keep up the work that Elder Davis and I did, I don't want to work to slow down, hopefully I can live up to the example Elder Davis set here.

Our investigators are doing pretty well, we didn't have much time this past week to visit with them because of the transfers and adjusting to our new companions. I will do better to update ya'll on them next week.

I have learned so much about the Lord's atonement, HE is so real, His atonement can help us overcome stress and anxiety! I have had a lot of that this past week, but the Savior's atonement has made it possible for me to overcome those negative energies!

I hope ya'll have a great week, hopefully I'll have time to write more next week. 

Elder Dearden

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