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Monday, August 18, 2014

Life is still good!

Friends and Family

This past week has been one of a transition. We have found that when we spend a lot of time in the Ghetto we get Ghetto results...people who don't want to work, they also don't want to go to Church...so we basically dropped a ton of investigators and moved out of the poor areas of the district. We are now spending lots of time in the "Nicer" parts of town.
We still have some great investigators though that we didn't drop, including Shane. But for the most part, we gave lots of them up, because they just aren't willing to do anything, they are lazy, which is sad.  But after we started searching in the rich homes, we already have tons of new investigators.

We have a great guy named Dan, he is a very humble and open person, he has lots of questions and we are meeting with him today.

Then there is Shika, she lives in a town not to far from Greenwood. She has tons of questions about the plan of salvation, all of her questions have been answered so far as she has talked with us. She has some spiritual gifts that help her discern truth.

There is also a man named Raymen (guitar player), he is a super nice guy. He has lots of opinions on religion, but fortunately all of his opinions are in line with our doctrine, which is odd because most people out here have some crazy ideas, but he is on board. He is supposed to be coming to church next week. There are others but I am so excited to work with these new people, it is so much more fun to teach people who actually keep commitments. 

So last week I went on an exchange with the Zone Leaders, I got to spend some time with Elder Cook again, I've attached a picture of him. He is so nice to me.  I also spent some time with Elder Wery. I loved the exchange with Elder Wery, I learned so much from him, he is a well balanced guy and has humility about him that is inspiring. He taught me a lot about how missionaries think, and how there are so many opinions on how to do this work. He is like me and believes that there is no ONE way to do things, we all have our own unique ways and we shouldn't try to force our habits and patterns on other people, we can share them, but don't try to change people, let them change after they see your example.

I got some amazing letters and packages from people last week!! Thanks so much! I hope to be sending some "real mail" this week. 

WTH moment of the week: This past week I ran into a guy who had been to a seminar that was done by an excommunicated general authority or someone who was "exposing the church". He was so full of crap, he thought he understood our church, when he was just fed with lies that were not even relevant. Anyways, I had this thought go through my head and I wanted to say the following to him, "I would tell you to go burn in Hell, but I don't believe in Hell, so I guess I can't say that"....he was just so stupid, and ignorant...I tried to tell him he was fed with lies...but anyways...If we believed in Hell, then I would tell him to Burn there :D....(perhaps this in inappropriate for the blog....oh well...)

Life is GOOD!

Me and Elder Wery

Me and Elder Cook

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