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Monday, August 11, 2014

Life is Good!

This is me in Mccormick...a small town by the Savannah  river.
People back home...

Life out here is great! I love it still.
I am really short in time, so I don't have much time to tell a lot....

Last week I went to an area by the Savannah River, it's a small town called Mccormick, it's on the edge of our mission, I'll attach pictures of that, it is so beautiful out there, amazing country.

Elder Cook is now my Zone Leader!! Haha, so I'll see him again this week! He's going on exchanges with our apartment this week, so that will be fun to see him again! I'll send pictures next week of us!

Our investigators are in weird places, a lot of them went out of town, so we spent the week meeting lots of new people, but I'll write more about them next week. Linda Ann Burton is still on date to be baptized, she needs to overcome some difficulties in her life, but things are looking good, my hope is that she'll be baptized on Aug 30th. We met a new guy named Raymen. HE is awesome! He studies the bible independently. He recognizes that the bible isn't perfect, and he is looking for the stick on Joseph, so I gave him a book of mormon, he was so shocked and it made so much sense to him! He's golden, He even understands the law of consecration, God has been teaching him his whole life. Everyone of his personal beliefs is in line with our understanding in the Church. He even understands the Trinity the proper way...I mean like he is just totally on board with this whole concept of restoration and everything!!! I'll write more about him next week! BTW, I met him because he was playing the Guitar on his lawn, so I went to talk to him because he sings really well, and we had a musical conversation about theory, and that was funny, then we brought up religion and it just went perfect from there!

I feel bad writing a small letter, but next week I'll write more!
The Lord is taking care of me! He's very very Real!

I love ya'll!

Elder Dearden

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