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Monday, August 4, 2014

August already?

 I know I say this every time...but TIME FLIES!

This past week has been a week of separating the Wheat from the Tares....so we had some hard moments dropping people who just don't want to keep commitments. But Linda Ann Burton is still on date, she is progressing slowly though, hopefully we can help her progress faster.

So last week, I saw the petroglyphs again and I’ll send some pictures. It was pretty cool, although there are bugs and lots of nasty stuff in the jungle where it is.

I found out that really no one at all knows what they are. The land owner said that he had a professor take a look at some pictures of them and the professor suggested that they were the writings of some legendary “council rock”. A place where the native Cherokee supposedly would meet for council meetings and what not.

The paintings are kinda cool, they have red and blue in them, I‘ll send some up close pictures of the remaining paint….Those of you who have talked with me about what red and blue paint means, you’ll understand why I thought it was cool.

I got to play the organ in church yesterday, so that was really fun! Also next Sunday I am playing the piano for a special musical number, the youth in the ward are singing, there is only one other person in the ward that can read and play piano. I am so grateful that the Lord allowed me to develop that talent! And I’m grateful for all those who patiently let me “pound” on the piano all day so that I could develop the talent, everyone in the ward tells me every week how grateful they are that I play. Thank you Liz!

Today for p-day we are going to feast at a Chinese buffet. We then will go home and sleep…we have not had a day to just sit and do nothing for a while, so today is a day that we eat lots of food and sit around and relax…should be relaxing.

WTH moment of the week- while we were at the writings last Monday we ended up getting lost in the jungle….so we drove around for like an hour and then the bumper in front of the car fell off….so……here we are stuck in the jungle with a car that is falling apart….so we wandered around until we found a fence and realized that we were not lost and that the land lord’s home was just right there….so that was fun, getting  “lost” but not really….In south Carolina you can get disoriented really easy, there is nothing you can use to determine North, east, west, south or anything…you just see trees….that’s it.
I hope ya’ll have a great week! The Lord is in charge! This church is true!

Elder Dearden

The paitings are big...if you look close you'll see on the left side of me there is the bull head...and on the left a pitch fork design thing...

They are kinda hard to see, but there is an animal head on the right side, and a pitch fork looking symbol on the left.

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