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Monday, July 21, 2014

Whatever week it is, I lost count, I don't process time anymore.

Family, Friends, Enemies, random people who read my blog,
This week was an adventure!!!
I'll just tell some quick stories.

I blessed 3 people last week.

I blessed this guy who has cancer and he was getting surgery to remove it, and the surgery was successful and it all worked out, that was good.

I blessed a lady who had a stoke, and she is starting to recover, her nephew is a ward missionary and he's awesome. 
While we were at the Hospital we found out that a friend of a friend in the ward was shot in a gang fight the day before, so we went to visit him and prayed with him and his family, so that was interesting...he was shot in the stomach and lived, he's lucky, he probably shouldn't be alive.
Our ward had a baptism on Saturday with 2 kids that the other missionaries had taught, I gave one the the kids a heart rock I found out here and every time he see's me he runs up to me and gives me a hug and tells me he still has the rock, which was special. I wish I had a picture of him, he's this little 9 year old black kid.
We have so many investigators right now, last week we taught 28 lessons, which was a lot.
But out of our investigators, I'll write about 4 of them.
She is a sweet black lady here that is in her 60's. We met her 3 weeks ago and she was hard to follow up with, she is busy. But we were able to catch her last week and teach her about the restoration. She had been reading the book of mormon and was loving it. I sat down with her for 15 min while my companion was talking to another random guy who walked by and started asking questions (we were sitting on the porch outside doing the lesson). But while I was talking to Linda she was sharing with me a scripture that meant a lot to her out of the Book of Mormon, and after she shared that scripture, a light came through the clouds and hit her Book of Mormon, and it started to glow, she said this, "The sun is coming through the clouds, but (then pointing to the book of mormon), This is the light!" She quickly realized that was God's way of telling her our message was true, she felt the spirit and so I invited her to be baptized in August, and she agreed, she is set for August 23rd, but I'm thinking we can convince her to move it closer. I don't know if she'll follow through, but I'm sure hoping she will, we will be teaching her again tomorrow! So keep her in your prayers!
She is a progressing investigator who has been coming to church, she is loving what we are teaching her, so super cool experiences though, just a sweet investigator who is understanding, we are close though to setting a baptismal date with her.
He lives by Linda, and he has a huge family. He is black and in his 30's. We met him 2 weeks ago and taught him last week. His wife (girlfriend or something, but he calls her his "Old Lady" which is black slang for girlfriend I think) but she stole the book of Mormon we gave him, which ended up being good because she read 19 chapters from it over the weekend! She told us she loved it and that it was easy to understand and that it made sense. We taught Markus about the restoration and it all clicked in his head. He's a humble man who is trying to find the right path for his family. I think he'll come through if he'll just keep up with our appointments. So include Him in your prayers too.
Shane and Angie:
They are progressing, it's hard for them to get work off on sunday, but they are so nice, they make us food all the time and are like best friend neighbor people. We're teaching them again on Wednesday. I think they are understanding our message and I can see it in their eyes, but even if they ever rejected the restoration, we would still be nice to them because they are just such fun and welcoming people (plus they like to feed us). But I really think they have the potential to be converted, it will just take time, they are stuck in a lot of traditional southern beliefs.
There are many more people and experiences! But I aint got the time to share!

Oh! and we ate dinner with the bishop in our ward last week, he's loaded, he's rich. But he has an amazing conversion story from being a bum alcoholic that found the church, changed his life, then got rich haha. He's so cool.
I love it here in Greenwood! I can't believe how fast time is moving! I love ya'll and I'm so excited that Mckade will be on a mission soon! It's a crazy adventure in the mission field! And that Ian will be too! Maybe they will be entering the MTC the same day? (Elder Rushton and Elder Swaner, look for each other at the MTC!).
WTH moment of the week:
I watched a Drug Deal go down yesterday, all the black people in the hood were staring at us a watching our every move when it happened, we just pretended to be oblivious to the fact that they were trading drugs (they all had hundreds of dollars in their hands)...haha. But the Lord was with us, I got kinda nervous, white boys in the hood during a durg deal isn't the best mixture, but we're fine! We're going to avoid that area for a bit until we feel comfortable about going back.
Elder Dearden

Me eating Subway

Large cross here in Greenwood

Alma street!  So weird, wonder how they came up with that?

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