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Monday, July 28, 2014

Guess what I found?


This past week was amazing, lots of great experiences. I had an experience that I'll actually update ya'll on next week, as today it will continue.

I had a prayer answered last week, I prayed to the Lord and asked him this, "I want to know that you're not just something I've created in my head, I want to know if you're a real person"...or something to that effect. Anyways...the Lord gave me a sign to prove to me He is real! Not that I asked for a sign, I just wanted to understand that He wasn't something I made up in my head.


Last week on p-day we went to this  guy's house.   He has 500+ acres of farmland....anyways, he said he found some writings on his property and wanted me to take a look at them!!! He said he had an archaeologist look at them and he said it was a Cherokee Council Rock...whatever that means....I didn't get pictures because I forgot my camera. However, after I write this email I'm going to his place again (it's p-day). So next week I'll have pictures of the writings.
I never would have thought that the lord would lead me to more ancient stuff...just so happens there is a lot out here, people just don't know about it because it's all hidden in the jungle. It's kinda like mexico here, dense jungle and you don't go in there because you run into snakes and dangerous spiders, so people avoid the jungle, so therefore they don't know what's hidden! Anyways, I'm kinda overly excited to go back and spend some time at the site today....The Lord knows my passions and he knows they bring me closer to him (when kept within the boundaries of his laws)
So...I feel like by that rich guy randomly bringing up the conversation that he has some stuff on his property (I didn't initiate the conversation)....I feel like that was the Lord reminding me that He is real, and that He knows my passions and that I can draw near to Him as I follow His signs and the meanings associated with them. 
I had many other "Signs" that proceeded throughout the week, some of which scared me because of how real they were, the Lord is very real, and He will let you know how real He is, Just ask and ye shall receive, Knock and it shall be opened unto you!

I am going to spend more time writing personal letters, so I'm keeping this one short! Never underestimate what the Lord has planned for you to experience! He knows each of you individually, He knows your interests and passions, and he wants you to develop them! 

I love the southern people! This is the south, and it will rise again! (in the gospel of course ;D)
 I'll write about our investigators next week, just know it's going well! Keep them in ya'll prayers!

Life is good,
Elder Dearden

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