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South Carolina Columbia Mission
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Irmo, SC 29063


Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Loading Up

Taylor's Cousin Brady sent him this message from Afghanistan...Taylor thought it was so cool!  He received it during our drive to Provo.   Something I think every missionary should read!

Dear Taylor, Good evening from the Stan. I hope this meesage finds that you are doing excellent. First off, a true congratulations to you for graduating from HS. That is a big deal and I am very happy for you. I am also very happy for you that you are heading out on your mission. What a phenomenal opportunity. I know you have heard this before, but I often wish I was back on 'the mission.' Why? Because I grew closer to God than I ever had before and I truly realized who I was at the very core - a priesthood holder of the living God. I want you to be very happy when you come home from your mission and I just want to share a few words to you to help you have that happinnes when you come home. First, work very hard and then work some more and you will see amazing things happen. The law of the harvest is very true on the mission. Second, love you companions. You will have ones that are great and ones that are challenging, just remember God puts you in paths to help others and most everything in relationships is solved by exhibiting love to others. Third, always trust in God and do what he would have you do. No matter how hard it gets, no matter what crazy situations you find yourself in, no matter what works out and what doesn't, remember the living God knows and loves you and that like Job (Job 23:10), everything will work out. The world needs good men, Taylor, thanks for being one of them. Have an amazing time. Your friend and brother in the Gospel, Brady

Pics at Provo Temple Grounds

My phone reminding us we had 10 minutes left!

Saying Goodbye.... in 20 seconds

Nic sent me (Stacie) this message from Taylor's phone, sweet.

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