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Friday, June 20, 2014

Family Friends, other People...

I love my district to death here, they are amazing! We all are extremely different but we've all bonded with each other so much! We fart, burp, and relax around each other so it's not uptight.

I got to hear Elder Ballard Speak on Tuesday! I loved it so much! He gave us some kind instruction and told us to focus to the doctrine of Christ. It was great to feel the Spirit swell within me and to know that he was Called of God. He said this, "Elders and Sisters, I want you to know that you must always keep your eyes on us, we will NEVER lead you astray, we cannot, and will not". He prophesied that the Church is going to be blasted by the media in a negative way more than it ever has before. He told us that as missionaries we will be confronted about what the media says, but he told us to tell them that we don't care, and that we care about the Doctrine of Christ, and that we sustain our Leaders. 
It was amazing to hear that, he spoke to us on such simple grounds and was not complicated to understand.

On Sunday I watched a recoding of Elder Bednar talk about the Character Of Christ, it was the most amazing talk I've ever heard, nothing compared to it. Elder Bednar referenced the stones that the Brother of Jared had the Lord touch, he said some things about what stones symbolize, it was super, super interesting, it actually changed a lot about the way I think and view this life.

Idk if you can find it online or not, but I just plead and ask that all of you watch it, it is amazing, and it can change your life. Just search "Elder Bednar, Character of Christ, MTC devotional" It's about an hour long, and it's fairly new.
I am so stinkin excited to fly to south carolina on monday! It is going to be great!

The nice man taking this picture was older and couldn't center the camera to get the entire district.

To Answer Mom's Questions:

-Have you seen your new mission President?
Not yet, he comes into the MTC tomorrow, i'll probably see him on sunday.

-Are you hearing ok?
I hear fine, it is well.

Are you sleeping ok?
No, my Companion snores like a Hippo giving birth, I kick him at night because he's above me on the bunk, and that turns his snoring off (most of the time), NO one can sleep in my room because of the terrifying noise he makes, but I got some ear plugs and they kinda work, but he still wakes me up, and that says alot because I can't hear anyways, he just snores so loud! But the Promise in D and C that my body will be refreshed if I serve the Lord is absolutely true, because I don't feel tired during the day.

Are you talking in your sleep?
I don't get to talk in my sleep because I don't sleep ;)

Did you hear Elder Ballard speak, or just see him?
Yes I got to see him, was amazing to see him, the spirit and respect in the room was powerful.

Are you shaving everyday?
Yes, my face hair is going to fast, I have to shave morning and night.

I've had so many spiritual experiences here at the MTC, its hard to explain how much the Lord has blessed me and has taught me. I'm actually really shocked how much i've learned about the basics of the Gospel that I didn't understand before.
I will call home at 5:45 am in the morning on monday, so if you want to talk to me, be ready. I'll call your Cell mom. ILL BE IN SOUTH CAROLINA ON MONDAY! AHHAHAHA! CAN'T WAIT!
I miss my brothers so much, and I hope they know that the only reason I'm out here is because I love Jesus Christ and I know that this is where he wants me to be!
I miss my parents so much too, its weird not having them to talk to for advice and to just express myself.
My district leader is awesome, he's not a controlling person, he just loves us and makes sure that we have fun.
I appreciated all the letters I got last week! It is awesome to get letters, so send more :D
And thanks so much for the Packages! They were awesome, my companions loved the Caramels(Mom), the Buttons(mom), and the Almond Joys(G-ma Dixie).
WTH moment of the week: When my companion snores, the only way I can get him to stop is if I lay on my back on the bed, lift my feet up and kick the bunk above me, that makes him bounce and he'll stop snoring for like 10 min, but then it starts again, he's asleep during all this BTW, haha. so I spend my nights kicking the bunk above me trying to get Elder Pearson to stop testifying like a dying Hippo.

I'll send a different email with pictures from last week.
I love all of you! I look forward to your letters and you emails! The Lord is Real! Even in this world where logic will try to say that God doesn't exist, He does, you just have to know where to find Him!


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