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Friday, June 13, 2014

Family and Friends

Arriving at the MTC was like Getting out of a Hot Tub and Jumping into an ice cold pool, it was such a shocker! The best way I can describe it is like we're in a prison with the Lord. We're so restricted here and we don't have much freedom, we have a set schedule and we have not choice but to follow it. 
I'm enjoying all that im learning, I love my companion, Elder Pearson, we get along great. He's from Ogden, and he knows about the glyphs and stuff that are there, so we started off on a good conversation. He also hates sea food, and we both like to eat the same stuff so far.

While I was running on the track in the gym the other day I was talking to the Lord in my head, I told him that I thought it was strange how the MTC is like a prison, I was questioning whether or not He was really in charge of the MTC, because of how strange it is here. But I received a strong answer in my head that made lots of sense. I was told that it is better to be in a Prison with the Lord, rather than a palace without him.

I don't mean that physically this place is a prison, the food is great and our living quarters are actually real nice, we got the newer stuff :D. But we are herded around like cows to the slaughter house lol, so that's how I feel like im in a prison. 

Being in such a restrictive place has caused me to really get close to Jesus Christ, without him I don't think that I would be able to stand the spirit and pressure that is here. I'm understanding all the doctrine and fundamentals and strategies that are being taught, a lot of the stuff im learning is actually really cool.

We are always either in a class, a fireside, a workshop, or exercising, or sleeping. I don't have time to Drink my Dr. Pepper, not that I can't have it here, just that I can't find time to drink it! 

I sent some pictures of my Companion Elder Pearson, and my district. In my district there is Me, Elder Pearson, Elder Aldous, Elder Peterson, Elder Jeffs, Elder Robberts, Elder Daynes, and Elder Freestone who arrived today (I don't have a picture of Freestone, because he's new today).
We all get a long perfect, there aren't any Molly Mormons and we all have become great friends already! 

My teachers are great, my favorite is Brother Winters, he's very nice and understands what we deal with here at the MTC, the other guy, Elder Turner (he's not related at all to the new mission prez), anyways he's a little rude...but oh well, he can have his reward in the next life! He's on a  newly wedded marriage high right now and thinks he's arrived :D haha. 

I really miss my family right now, but that's normal, I don't get emotional about it, but I don't go through the day without thinking about what I could be doing rather than this, but thankfully the spirit kicks in and keeps me focused. 

The food here is great! I've never really liked chocolate milk, but dang, here at the MTC its amazing! 

The First Counselor in the Branch presidency here is friends with Marlin Dearden, the guy in Guatemala! The same people that Scott and Kim met recently! It's a small world!!

I still have my rocks, they still work, I just don't tell anyone that I have them...

That's awesome that Ian has his call to Arizona! (I assume English?) Now the Lord will command him to wear pants! July 23rd! That will come so fast! I'm so excited for him, I know he will be a great missionary!

I can't wait to fly to the South! The more I think about it the more I want to get on the Plane and just go!
I leave June 23rd, my flight departs about 7:30. I'll be leaving the MTC at like 3 am, so i'll call home at like 5:30 am, or 6. I bought a phone card here at the MTC so no need to send me one. 

WTH moment of the week: I am so busy that I have no time at all to drink my DP!!! I'll have to give it away or something, but hopefully I can find time to drink it!!! 

i'll attach the pictures in a separate email!

Anyways, I've got stuff to do, so i'll write back next week! On Friday!

From: Taylor Dearden <taylor.dearden@myldsmail.net>
Subject: week 1 pictures
Date: June 13, 2014 at 4:26:28 PM MDT
To: staciedearden@gmail.com

The first picture is a Legit Photo Bomb by Elder Aldous....wasn't pre-planed haha

The second picture is an awkward picture of me and my companion...I didn't smile...Idk what happened there\. I'll try to get a better picture next week.

The last picture is of the rest of my district, excluding Elder Freestone.

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